Profile: Jeremy Hunt

Jeremy HuntName: Jeremy Richard Streynsham Hunt1

Party: Conservative2

Birthdate: 1st November 19663

Education: Charterhouse, Godalming4; PPE at Magdalen College, Oxford5

Hometown: Godalming, Surrey6

Current residence: Farnham, Surrey; London7

Current job title: Secretary of State for Culture, Olympics, Media and Sport8


Quote from Jeremy: Wisecrack on Max Mosely at UCHR9 and ‘Cablegate’10 – “One is about two women who wanted to tie a man up in knots… and the other is about Max Mosely”11

Quote about Jeremy: “We’re going to be talking to Jeremy C*nt, er, Hunt, the Culture Secretary about… *cough* …broadband” – James Naughtie12 13

Notable previous jobs:

  • Shadow Minister for Disabled People14
  • Shadow Culture Secretary15
  • Founded and ran Hotcourses – an educational publishing business16

Notable for:

  • Set up a charity to help AIDS orphans in Africa17

Political stuff:

  • Successfully campaigned for increased use of subtitling at the BBC18
  • Involvement in decision over Murdoch’s BskyB bid19
  • Subsequent approval of Murdoch’s BskyB bid20


  • Involvement in the expenses scandal: paid back around £9.5k21 22
  • Suggested that football hooliganism contributed to the Hillsborough disaster (he later apologised)23
  • Hired the daughter of a Tory peer and Hotcourses director as a parliamentary assistant and then as a (supposedly independent) departmental civil servant24


  • Head boy at Charterhouse25
  • Previous President of Oxford University Conservative Association26
  • Fluent in Japanese (having taught English in Japan)27
  • James Naughty and Andrew Marr both miss-spoke him name: a spoonerism of “Hunt” and “Culture”28

Profile: Ed Balls

Name: Edward BallsEd Balls

Birthdate:25th February 19671

Party: Labour (joined aged 16)2

Education: Nottingham High School (all-boys private); PPE at Keble College, Oxford; Economics at Harvard3 4

Hometown: Born in Norwich, Norfolk; moved to Nottingham aged 85

Current residence: Stoke Newington, North London. Castleford, West Yorkshire6

Current job title: Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer7

Quote from Ed:

The allegation that there was a plot, that there was nastiness, that… brutality, it’s just not true”8

Notable previous jobs:

  • Teaching fellow at Harvard9
  • Financial columnist (FT, Guardian, New Statesmen, Tribune)9
  • Economic Secretary to the Treasury9
  • Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families9
  • Shadow Home Secretary9

Notable for:

  • Chaired Fabian Society10
  • Patron of the British Stammering Association11


  • Part of Gordon Brown’s inner circle (Brownite)12 13
  • Came third in 2010 party leadership election14
  • Scrapped SATs tests for 14 year olds15 16


  • Fined £60 and three points deducted from car license for talking on his mobile whilst driving17
  • Involvement in the expenses scandal: allegedly ‘flipped’ his house three times with his wife, Yvette Cooper18


  • Joined the Oxford University Conservative Association in order to be allowed to attend political events19
  • Plays violin and bongo drums20
  • Supports Norwich City football club20
  • Ed: “When I was 16 or 17, I would have a small glass of wine at lunch on a Sunday, or a shandy or babycham at Christmas.” Sunday Telegraph 23/9/07 p12