Ofsted launch new survey, but is it any use?

Ofsted recently announced their new Parent View survey in which parents can rate their children’s schools in a closed questionnaire. Apparently, a panel of parents helped write the survey which includes the option to rate statements such as “my child is happy at school” and “my child feels safe at school”.

As well thought out and “valuable” (- Ofsted Chief) this questionnaire undoubtedly is, I can’t help but wonder why Ofsted aren’t asking the children who actually attend the schools, rather than those who belong to the same family?

I appreciate that younger children may not be able to complete the survey, but those who attend secondary school are more than capable. According to the press release, “Ofsted is committed to… …listening to the experiences and views of users of the services we inspect and regulate”. Apart from they’re not – they’re committed to listening to the “user’s” families. It doesn’t take the official education regulatory body to work out that not every child who is having a tough time at school will go to their parents and tell them everything. So why don’t Ofsted go straight to the “users” and ask kids what they think?


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